On 8th March 2023, NADMO continued their annual effort to dredge and desilt the Oda River at Donaso in the Ejisu Municipality. This initiative is aimed at ensuring the free flow of water and minimizing flooding during the rainy season.

The Oda River is a major water body that runs through the Ejisu Municipality, serving as a source of water for industrial purposes. However, over the years, the river has become clogged with silt, debris, and other waste materials, which have impeded the flow of water.

To address this challenge, NADMO has been carrying out regular dredging and desilting exercises on the river. This involves the removal of silt, debris, and other materials that have accumulated in the riverbed, thereby restoring the waterway to its original depth and capacity.

During the exercise, NADMO deployed heavy-duty dredging machines and private trucks to remove the silt and debris from the riverbed. The exercise was carried out under strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of the workers.

The dredging and desilting of the Oda River is a critical exercise that helps to prevent flooding and safeguard the health of the people who live around the river. It is an important step towards protecting the ecosystem in the Ejisu Municipality.

In conclusion, the ongoing dredging and desilting of the Oda River by NADMO is a commendable effort that will have a positive impact on the lives of the people in the Ejisu Municipality. It is a testament to NADMO’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and protecting the environment.

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