Clean Up Exercise Organized By Ejisu Municipal Assembly

As part of the Municipals Monthly Clean up exercise campaign, it was due again to undertake another which was Saturday dated 1st October, 2022.

A collection of Persons Led by the Municipals Chief Executive, Hon. S.O Frimpong, The Municipals Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Boudoung, Zoomlion Company Limited, a number of Security men from the Military, Police and the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) to regulate traffic. The exercise was supported by all Assembly members within the Municipality, Market women and populents of Ejisu. The clean-up exercise was supervised by all environmental Officers.


The Environmental Department brought forth all tools need for the clean-up exercise. Of which these tools included both,
*Long and short broom
*shovels and Spades
*Wheel Barrows
Cutlasses etc.

Zoomlion provided a vacuum compactor Truck, a scape Truck, waste containers and its employees to support the Clean up exercise. Exactly 7 o’clock am, the clean up exercise commenced and it was mainly centered at the Central Business area of the Ejisu Municipality. The Clean up exercise commenced from the Municipal Assembly’s premises, through the principal streets of Ejisu, the commercial business area mainly the Market.

Many persons came out from the houses with their personal tools to support the exercise. But in all, recalcitrants were identified opening their shops and making business transactions. The environmental department was mandated to deal with such persons. They were served with notices of none participation and their shops were closed but reopened to them after the exercise halted exactly 12 noon.

As they say, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, so let’s all do well to clean immediate environment to prevent many ailments, growth of weeds and breeding of mosquitoes as the weather changes due to climate change.


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